Freestyle Bullfighting

Freestyle Bullfighting is coming to the Old Fort Days Rodeo. This PRCA sanctioned event will have three go-rounds on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with the finals taking place during Saturday nights performance. Competitors will gain points with hopes of making it to the finals at the NFR in Las Vegas.


Freestyle bullfighters have no ropes, spurs or devices of any kind in which to battle the bull. It is a combination of classic American bullfighting with the modern day acrobatics of parkour. Bullfighters are armed with an inner courage reserved for those that are willing to face death with a defiance that is unparalleled in any sport. The bullfighter relies on his athletic prowess, precision timing, and ability to think and make decisions in milliseconds that could mean life or death. There is no room for mistakes. It’s just the bullfighter against an angry Mexican Fighting Bull.